Week I've-lost-track progress

So I haven't posted for ages, but I have been making progress! Here's what I've achieved since my last check-in:

Number 14 COMPLETED! I replaced the blinds with curtains which, although not as pretty, are much more practical and provide better insulation and light control.

Number 19 COMPLETED! I have not only written to Celeste but been on a couple of Playcentre camps with her and my niece and nephews. It’s been great getting to know them all better. This also means Number 38 COMPLETED! Ian has been to the snow.
Ian building a snowman with his cousins Sophia and William; Celeste and Leon sledding

Number 20 COMPLETED! I stayed at the Mount overnight with Ian and we climbed partway up. As far as we wanted to. I decided we didn’t have to climb all the way up.

Number 31 COMPLETED! I made half a dozen jars of jam from my own Damson plums with Hazel’s help. It was my first time making jam. I got the sugar measurements wrong but it was still tasty!

Number 55 COMPLETED! I counted a week to be Monday to Friday. That seemed like a good amount of time to spend on the farm. We got to do all the stuff we wanted to – spend a night at the Hut, hang out with Ian’s cousins, and spend time with Grandma and Grandad. We are making the most of the flexibility of the preschool years, and have another trip planned before Christmas.

Week 39 progress

NUMBER 11 COMPLETED! The nasturtiums have really taken off, it is lovely to see such a bright burst of colour flourishing in that dark corner :-)
NUMBER 57 COMPLETED! I've been making an extra special effort with flossing. I managed one whole week in a row. Being responsible is hard.
NUMBER 85 COMPLETED! Grant and I both took Ian in for his four-year-old checkup, so I took the opportunity to get a smear test done while I was there. Yay don't have to worry about that for another three years.

Week 36 progress

I haven't done an update in quite a while, so I've got quite a lot of progress to report :-)
Progress on number 5, finish the height chart: I painted a butterfly. Only some birds and another balloon to go.

Progress on number 6, finish course 3: I finished the Treaty of Waitangi module and sent in my first written work. Also I think I've done all the readings now.
NUMBER 33 COMPLETED! It took a long time to figure out a new "normal" after Ian was born, but I feel like I've reached a place I'm happy with. I think getting over the depression really helped too!
NUMBER 43 COMPLETED! We saw "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" on the X-treme screen. It was really good! Hazel and Sam took Ian to Chipmunks, he's happy there for hours :-)
NUMBER 49 COMPLETED! We finally watched the Veronica Mars movie, and it was really good :-)
NUMBER 66 COMPLETED! We went up to the farm before Christmas and I took Ian camping in a tent. It was really fun. We're also signed up for the Playcentre camp in Waihi at the end of January.

Progress on number 88: Front garden is almost finished. Got the weedmat down and most of the stones on. Just got to somehow clean and replace some of the dirtier stones, and get a fern.

Week 30 progress

I got my mug back from Splashy, and it's awesome :-)

I've been making bits of progress here and there. I finished weeding the back garden, and now have a fern in there too. All my plants are still alive so far.
I bought some wallpaper paste to do paper mache with Ian... and I can use the leftover to wallpaper the dollhouse.
I've started replacing the weedmat in the front garden and putting the stones back in. It is hard work :-( Large decorative stones are HEAVY.
I've even done a fair bit of sewing... unfortunately it's mainly new projects, not ones from the unfinished projects basket.
Hopefully I will be able to cross off some more things soon. I love crossing things off lists.

Week 27 progress

Number 11 progress - I planted a nasturtium and a hosta in the back garden. We will see how well they survive. Not crossing this one off till the whole garden's weeded and planted though. I'd love to get some ferns for the back corner, and maybe put bark in it if I'm not going to use it as a vege bed.

NUMBER 15 COMPLETED! I went to Splashy last Saturday with Hazel and we painted mugs and I'm quite happy with how it went. Can't wait to get it back and share photos :-)

Number 25 progress - I got out the wool and crochet hook and had a go... only got through half a frog's leg before I got distracted though.

NUMBER 36 COMPLETED! Ian started X-club (the older children's session) at Playcentre this term, and it turns out he was totally expecting to be a drop-off from day one, so I've been able to leave him there no trouble. It's amazing how quickly I get things done without a little "helper" around! I'm loving it :-)

I've been making a little progress on the other things too... working on the dollhouse now and then, getting some stones into the front garden, that sort of thing. Feeling good about getting some things crossed off though!

Week 20 progress

So I skipped a few updates. I've been busy. Making dresses, mostly. I've actually started to almost sell some stuff, so I feel like I'm a step closer to number 90, start an online shop and sell some stuff. I think that lack of self-confidence is probably the main thing holding me back. And organisation.

Number 87 begun! Spring is a good time for starting things. So I have started a year of buying only ethically sourced or secondhand clothes. I will try and keep that up for Ian as well, but he goes through a lot of clothes.

NUMBER 48 COMPLETED! Ian's been shifting to earlier bedtime/wake-up times, which is GREAT, I don't have to worry about being late to stuff every morning and collapse into bed exhausted every night. Grant and I FINALLY watched the Doctor Who Christmas special, just in time for the start of the new season :-)

I'm making progress slowly on the other things. I have made a date with Hazel to go painting at Splashy, I'm planning on going camping on the farm next week (inspired by reading lots of Famous Five), we're adding more to the dollhouse thanks to the New World Little Kitchen promotion... Feeling good about things at the moment.

Week 13 and 14 progress

Making progress :-)

Not sure whether to cross off number 43 or not... does 50 minutes of Paw Patrol count as a movie? It was in a theatre. Ian's first cinema experience, and it went pretty well :-)

NUMBER 69 COMPLETED! We got up one morning and I decided not to give Ian his iPad/TV unless he asked for it, and not to use my iPad/computer if he wasn't using his. We did jigsaw puzzles, had a picnic, read stories, cleaned up the sewing room... At 5pm I decided the day was officially over, and he watched a couple of episodes of the Famous Five before bed.

NUMBER 72 COMPLETED! I visited the dentist and the dental hygenist. To my surprise and relief, they said my gums look healthy and my teeth are fine and they'll see me in a year's time. Woohoo! Also working towards number 57, because I always brush and floss more diligently around the time of a dental visit. Everyone does that, right?

NUMBER 89 COMPLETED! I got tired of tripping over things in the office and gave it a clean-out. Much better :-)

Life's going pretty well at the moment, depression is at bay, and I'm really excited about sewing some children's dresses to sell. I hope I can keep up this positivity and motivation!

Week 11 and 12 progress

NUMBER 65 COMPLETED! I sent a box full of jelly tip biscuits, pineapple lumps, NZ-themed bibs, a merino top, and one of my hand-sewn bags to Justen, Marie and Adora. We don't send gifts very often so I tried to make it a good one. The reason we don't send gifts very often is the $50 postage fee :-(

Progress on number 72 and number 85... I rang up and made appointments for a dental check-up and a cervical smear :-(

NUMBER 83 COMPLETED! Spurred by discussions at Playcentre, I finally got around to making more beeswax sandwich wraps.

I feel pretty good about progress this week. I've also been working on a couple of sewing projects that have been sitting in my basket for a long time, and that feels good too :-)

Week 10 progress

I feel like things are looking up. Maybe it's the medication kicking in. I rearranged some furniture and printed some lists and finished a craft project, and now I feel like I'm getting control back over my life.

NUMBER 21 COMPLETED! I'm going to defiantly cross this one off, although after filing the bills and emptying the box I did fill at least another box with detritus from the rest of the house and put it on the office floor instead. That's a task for another day.

NUMBER 68 COMPLETED! I'm going to say I've done enough progress blog posts to cross this one off.

NUMBER 76 COMPLETED! I've got a smartphone now. And I've taken a few selfies that aren't horrible. So I'm going to cross this one off too. Yay progress!

Week 8 and 9 progress

I'm still struggling with life at the moment. Although I can't cross anything off, I have made a little progress.

I finished my first piece of written work for Course Three at Playcentre, so I'm a step closer to number 6.
I've written one of my three blog entries for number 53 (although I did plagiarise a six-month-old status update for some of it. It still counts). It's called "Acceptance".
I put weed mat down and arranged the bird bath in the front garden, I just need to get a load of river stones for it and I can cross off number 88.

That's it for now. The housekeeper is coming for an extra visit today and I've got a friend visiting in the weekend and Grant's taking some time off work over the next few weeks so hopefully I will feel more on top of things soon.